Sculptured Burger Fries Anyone?

Bored out of my mind a few weeks ago, I decided I was hungry and also feeling creative, so I decided to knock up a burger and fries. But if you ate them, you’d get violently sick I can imagine. Now that’s not because I’m a rubbish cook, nope, it’s because they’re sculptured out of clingfilm food wrap, then painted in acrylics.. An by the time I had finished them I was starving but had to make do with a sandwich! :/

So this is now becoming an obsession of mine, sculpturing out of clingfilm and I’ll no doubt be sharing more with you in the future. Feel free to add links etc to any projects you have going on at the minute and I’ll be more than happy to look, share, comment, love!

Inserted pictures are my own art creations/photographs, all rights reserved ©


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