Self Confessed Tea Addict.

Good Morning World… So I have a confession to make, I’m a tea addict. Now maybe that’s the British in me? but I personally think it’s more to do with the Scouser in me (For those who don’t know, that’s a native from Liverpool, England) You see my tea drinking habit comes from a long line of family traits. 

My Mum drinks tea, my Nan drank tea, my Aunties drank/drink tea, my Sisters, my Brother, my Cousins all drink tea, even my Aunties, Uncles, Sisters, Nephews, Brothers, Granddads, Mates Neighbour drinks tea! well most of them do anyway, so I personally think it’s a Scouse tradition. Now there is probably going to be the odd Scouser saying ‘Well I don’t drink tea’ and my answer to that? Well stick to your water and be a wool! (Joke) 😉

My personal preference and brand of tea is PG Tips, love them! Literally, if I don’t have any in, especially first thing in the morning, then my life is over! The sheer feeling of utter devastation is beyond imaginable. For me it’s the equivalent of  poking yourself in the eye with your mascara wand (pain) or stumping your little toe! Even right now as I write, I’m supping my beloved tea. One of the downfalls of being a tea drinker, is the empty cup conundrum. It will have no doubt, happened to you if you’re an avid tea drinker too.

  1. You make a brew.
  2. You settle down down to watch the TV, or go on your computer, read, listen to music, whatever it is you do.
  3. You get so engrossed in what your doing, you’re almost in a day dream.
  4. You’re thoroughly enjoying you cuppa with every sip..
  5. You pick your cup up for another sip, but………. Noooo.. It’s gone! It’s all gone! Whaa the fff- how did that happen? Who drank my tea when I weren’t looking?
  6. You look around the room with shifty eyes at your Family members to see who has a guilty look, cause you know you most definitely did not drink it all that quickly!
  7. You curse under your breath, fuming about the fact that you’ve got to make another cuppa!

Sound familiar? This is probably one of the headaches of being a dedicated tea drinker! So how do you have your tea? Mines, strong but milky. Now I’ve had a few people who have made me a cuppa in the past ask, how is that possible? Well it’s a bit of common sense really! You pour water on the tea bag, leave it stewing for a bit, then add milk! Or sometimes, if I can’t wait for it to stew, cause I need my tea fix now! Then I add milk and drink it with the teabag in, yep, I know, I’ve got a serious tea addiction, but I love it! 😉

Anyway, have a good day wherever you are and remember to drinks lots of tea, its the way forward!

Happy blogging!

Inserted pictures are my own, all rights reserved ©


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