A Trip Down the Thames.

Good evening all,  I hope you’ve had a great Sunday? Mines been spent nursing a hangover and eating, lots of eating! Beginning with breakfast in bed (dippy egg and soldiers, my fav!) Courtesy of my fab hubbie,  he’s a diamond! He also cooked a delicious tea for us, so I’ve thoroughly enjoyed my rare lazy Sunday. Because they’re normally spent preparing a roast dinner for my lot,  their girlfriends and whoever else turns up demanding to be fed.  And I always find, by the time everything is cooked and ready to be served,  I can’t eat mine!  Mind you that might have to do with the fact that I spend the whole day picking at the food as I cook, you know because somebody has to taste it first 😉 .

Anyway less of my Waffling!  I thought I would do a little post to show some great pictures I took from a little trip down the River Thames. We recently went away for the weekend to Greenwich, London for our Wedding Anniversary and we had a lovely weekend.  I think I took that many pictures that my camera lost its focus!  Here is just some of them (below) from our cruise down the Thames.  I will also probably do another post to show you the rest. Greenwich is a lovely little place to stay with easy access to the 02 arena if you are going to London to watch a show,  I definatly recommend it. From its lively, friendly locals to its quaint market stalls and tasty foods and fashion boutiques, it’s worth a visit and there is plenty to do.  But I will tell you all about them in my next post,  for now here’s the pictures of our Thames cruise,  hope you enjoy and have a lovely day/evening wherever you are!



11 thoughts on “A Trip Down the Thames.

    1. We did thank you Kat Coogan. I just had a look at your about page, to get an idea of what you mean, but I’m still as confused, your work? Tell me if I’m being a dope and completely missing what you mean? Because I do that sometimes! Lol. Anyway I’ve just gave your little blog a follow and look forward to reading your posts. Thanks for the lovely comment 🙂

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