Indecisive Artist.


Hello all. Today I decided to do a painting and I knew I wanted some sort of abstract but wasn’t sure what? So I started off with a blue aqua paint, added a sprinkling of my beloved glitter, which I’m addicted to using in my art btw, then sort of went from there and here’s the result. This took me around two hours to create and I think I’m happy with the results? Only time will tell. I tend to find with me that I will either love the results on the day and for a week or so later, then end up hating it, or vice versa! Also, as an artist I annoy the life out of myself, because I just can’t seem to sit down and do fine art. Even though I know I can do it, I just don’t have the patience for it, just the thought of sitting for days, weeks, months on a painting sends me cuckoo. With most of my work I always want results more or less straight away, but I guess that’s just something I need to work on! Do any other artists feel like this?

Well anyway, enough rambling – here it is, but ask me tomorrow if I’m still happy with it? That’s another story…


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