Hello all and welcome to The Life of a LippychiK. I’m a demented Mother, Wife & Nanna.

But I’m also a Dreamer, Artist, Crafter and a Fashion and Makeup Enthusiast, who loves to cook, design, write, ramble, laugh, cry and live!

I’m probably at my best when I’m covered in paint, showered in glitter, sculpturing cellophane and dreaming of far away lands!

I’m probably at my worst, while the phone rings, the door knocker won’t stop, my teenage boys are fighting while I’m trying to clean and cook a meal all at the same bloody time! Yes, that’s my life in a nutshell, hence the blog, The Life of a LippychiK.

So why have I created this blog? Well because I’m sure there are hundreds, if not thousands of demented Mothers/Wives/Artists/Dreamers/Cook/Cleaning/Fashion Loving Makeup Enthusiastic, rambling, laughing, crying women like me? Or am I just strange? 😉

The idea of the name LippychiK came from a character I designed a few years back and she has stuck with me through thick and thin, but I won’t bore you with that story YET! 😉

I hope to share with you my hopes, dreams, ambitions, failures, creations, ideas, recipes, tips, inspirations etc, and hope to hear of yours too, so welcome and thank you for reading and following.


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